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1207 Pacific Avenue

A downtown destination that brings the town and people from all around to celebrate and investigate what our town is founded on. We are on a mission to create an environment where children of all ages can explore the diverse field of agriculture through interactive exhibits. This will be a space where we can bridge our agricultural roots of the community to inspire youth to continue the pursuit of agricultural innovation and society growth.


Our goal is for Mini Sota Agricultural Children’s Museum to become a community project with as much local involvement as possible.  Locally sourced play equipment, help from the Benson High School woods and art departments, farmer donated corn pit, tractor tire recycling, and so much more. A labor of love to spark community togetherness and new friendships.

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In The News!

Watch our founder share the Mini Sota Vision on the Market to Market Podcast!

Ginger Claussen was destined to be a pharmacist and keep the Benson, Minnesota family business going. But life allowed a change in course from her job as a pharmacist to mother and now founder of Mini Sota Agriculture Children's Museum.

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